A different view of Africa

This video is in the spirit of this blog. It is part of the production for my TV show, Black Thought. Orginally done for Black History Month, its purpose was to show a quick, more comprehensive view of Africa than we normally see in media. I hope its gives you another perspective. Of course, if you need to see more videos around this and other related subjects, you can go to the YouTube channel for Black Thought at #video #mutv1blackthought #drnoelhutchinson #africa

What is 'The Meeting Place: Black Thought From The Shepherd's Staff'?

Welcome to this blog. Thank you for coming, taking a seat, and participating in this conversation. You don't understand? The picture that is the background of this webpage was taken in Nairobi, Kenya in 1993. It is, as you can see, a bustling, traditional African marketplace in the heart of this modern city of 3 million people. Why, then, is this old method of commerce present? It gave a chance for those from the country to sell their wares in the city, and the city dwellers could find fresh produce and other items they couldn't get elsewhere. It also allowed for the exchange of ideas, as shopping in a marketplace is more relaxed and engaging than a supermarket. The shopper could also haggle

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