In November 2012, Dr. Hutchinson began his tenure as a TV show host on MUTV1, Memphis' first African American owned TV station, with the premiere of 'Black Thought'. It currently can be seen live Mondays and Wednesdays at 11:00 a.m. Central Time at, the home of the M1 network, the new name for MUTV1.


Here is a description of the show from the MUTV1 website: From expounding on scriptures in the pulpit to addressing the issues affecting the African American community, Dr. Noel Hutchinson, pastor of First Baptist Church, Lauderdale, is continuing this line of thinking as the premise for “Black Thought.” He looks at African American history and its relevance today, analyzes it, addresses current problems in the African-American community, and seeks solutions. He also delves into the thought processes of African Americans and engages in enthusiastic conversation with his guests on such relevant issues as crime, recidivism, and education, among other issues. The show, during its run,  continues to have several well known national and local guests.


Whether through looking at our history, the African Diaspora in its various realities across the globe, or current events, "Black Thought" is an attempt to tell our story, our way.


To watch the show, past segments, and get more information on Black Thought, please click on the intro for the show, as well as the various links. You'll be glad you did!






In November of 2018, Dr. Hutchinson began a new radio show on Shelby County Schools (SCS) radio station 88.5 FM Wednesdays at 7:00 p.m. This show is a place where we have community conversations, sharing necessary knowledge that leads to needed action


In football, the huddle is when the offensive players gather together to hear about the execution of the upcoming play from the quarterback. Will we run? Will we throw? For this journey, Dr. Hutchinson is the quarterback for this time of conversation, this show designed to talk about what's happening in our community, and when we break at the end of the show, we hopefully leave to do good all around us.


We get in the huddle to talk, to see, to plan how to move forward. Sometimes we share information. Sometimes we teach, and other times we lead, and all of us are a part of this team known as the community. We are about us


88.5 FM is the voice of 901, and the station you and your family can agree on